Cake Smash fun and a Milk Bath!

This cutie turned one and as exciting as it is when it comes to cake...he was a neat and cautious little one! After a couple bits he was good lol! So time to clean up! A sweet little Milk bath before heading home to celebrate! Although towards to end the bath just wasn't cutting it anymore! Check out my favourites of this cutie!

This Sweet little thing...

First off can I tell you how adorable this couple is! They are so sweet, loving and simply adorable! I felt super privilaged to capture them in the comfort of their own home and being one of the first to meet that sweet little girl. I loved how they just simply knew they would share and show her off to the world, but wanted to enjoy just the three of them for the first week really before introducing her to the world. This shoot was from 4 months ago (I know that's how far behind I am at blogging!) And I just did another shoot of this little girl last week at 4 months! She has changed but is still the sweet soul and happy girl I met those 4 months ago. Stay tuned for that blog! (Hopefully it won't be 4 months away!) Thanks for reading and check out my favourites from this lifestyle shoot. xo

Thanks for Reading! - Amanda xo

A helicopter tour, a yoga session on untouched ground and a memory of a lifetime...the winners are...

Congratulations to the winners of this amazing trip! How lucky am I that I got to par-take in an amazing adventure that has been on my bucket list, and better yet as my job! Feeling pretty lucky these days. Pretty blessed. Thanks to Oxygen Yoga Maple Ridge & Port Moody locations for this amazing prize give away! Scroll through to check out my favourite pics from this day! So fun!

It's only the beginning...

Oh my goodness am I behind on Blogging! With a busy season, a last minute vacation to Mexico and Christmas it's been a busy one to say the least! But what a great way to start and catch up by posting this adorable families session! Oh the love and the fun! This beautiful couple was so much fun to capture and work with, even if the main little man just wasn't feeling the camera! I had a great time and loved this family! Check out my favourites from this lifestyle shoot! -xo

Thanks for reading! - Amanda xo