The Sunrise and the perfect little family

I was so excited when Cassie asked me to do their family photos. For a couple reasons, one because she's fantastic, two because I really wanted to see Ivy and three I've known Tyler since we were in kindergarten! So crazy, in fact since we were both 4yrs old because I was a December Baby, and that smart kiddo decided he was too smart that he started school a year ahead of the norm. (For the record he's a January Baby, so not really a whole year, but you get the point.) So crazy to think I grew up with that guy and here I am taking his family photos. Who would have thought! I loved this shoot, for more reasons than I just love them, but because I loved the sunrise, the snow and the pathways. Such a great time...even though it was Cold! They were troopers! Check out some of my favourites! 

And that's a wrap! ;) Hope you enjoyed browsing through them all! It was hard just picking a few...okay maybe more than a few, but you get it! Thanks for reading! xo - Amanda