A couple of Farm kiddos!

Alright so I am way behind on blogging and editing! But I am on major catch up mode especially since kiddos are starting school tomorrow...YAY! I am that mom lol! But hey I love them to bits! Anyways I have been meaning to post this adorable session. Can I tell you that Heidi's kids are the cutest and their lifestyle is one I wish I could convince my hubby to be on board with (I married a city guy!) Anyways this beautiful family allows me to use their baby bunnies for my sessions and I was so excited to capture a few images of these cuties for them as a major thank you! Check out some of my favourites!

How sweet is that...just a girl and her pooch! Love it!

awe this two...that little monkey of a boy was only going to let me capture a few but when I did, I did! 

oh how I love this one!

There is a little monkey in the grass...a serious one! lol

Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed checking out these two cuties!