Stunning Baby Girl

I don't know where to begin with this session! This little angle was so adorable it was ridiculous! She was so tiny and she already had her Dad wrapped around his finger and her Mama's whole heart. I can totally see why! She may have cried the first half hour and pooped on me....I mean being a bit of a Diva is never really a bad thing when it comes to getting ready for the camera ;) But after she settled she was perfect! And all sleepy smiles. I was in love! I had a hard time picking only a few so you will get to enjoy a lot more this time around from this newborn session. 

There is something so beautiful and pure in this photo. This is def one of my favourites since it captures the beauty of motherhood and the bond between mother and child in this image. 

Like I said...she has Daddy wrapped around her finger...can you blame him?

There is nothing more special that a handmade baby blanket from your grandma...and 10 little toes sleeping on it. 

oh I could eat her up! 

Of course I had to sneak one in of this first born fur baby...she has no idea how her world has changed! lol 

This little was having the happiest of happiest dreams...and I was loving capturing it!

Can you find the babies toes??? Oh so little they are!

And a sleepy adorable girl to finish off. Thanks for checking out my post and hope you enjoyed!