Wide awake to sleepy babe

Oh man this little boy! He is adorable and he is wrapped around his Mama and Dad's little fingers! The love these two share for each other and this sweet babe is beyond obvious and these images don't do the love they share enough justice.  This little guy just wasn't really in to sleeping, he didn't want to miss out on the action...but we eventually got him to tucker out for some photos. Check out some of my favourites below. 

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Little Pink Shoes

This beautiful couple were adorable and so fun to capture! I loved their energy (I am really into energy ;) ) And they were lovely to put it quite simply. Check out my favourites from their Maternity Shoot before their sweet little girl joined them as a family of three

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2 Boys, 1 Girl, Mom and Dad = Party of 5!

Can I just tell you how much fun this family is! All laughs and living in the craziness of raising babies! These two boys are full of energy and lots of love while that sweet little angel is full of personality! Mom and Dad are doing it right! And I loved this session! Check out my favourites! 

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oh little toes...

This sweet little man was a dream! He was so cute and squish-able! You couldn't help but love on him! (Thats one of the best parts of my job is simply...babies and baby snuggles!) Daddy's eyes lit up when he knew he was having a boy and when he saw the antlers in my studio because he's a hunter. What fun was this little session. His big sister was great...and apparently hadn't even got close to baby really on her own before this shoot! So I like to think it was a success! Check out my favourites below.

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Kids and a chihuahua!

These Cousins were too adorable! And brave little ones as it was a bit chilly to say the least at this shoot back in November! They were pretty cute and loads of fun! Check out a bunch of favourites from this shoot! It was hard deciding which ones to choose! Enjoy!

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